We are a group of family and friends who have been directly affected by serious youth violence.

There has been a number of violent crimes in Croydon that have resulted in murder. In March 2018, Kelva-Jay Smith aged 20 lost his life in South Norwood. Under two years before in August 2016, Andre Aderemi lost his life aged 19 on the Monks Hill Estate in Selsdon.

Both boys coming from Croydon meant that these deaths impacted a huge part of the community and affected everyone that they knew. The families came together to support one another and also to campaign for change.


We support parents and young people who are at risk of violent crime or who have been affected by violent crime.

Unfortunately our own experiences have given us a greater knowledge and understanding of the contributing factors to violent crimes and ultimately murder.  With this information we are putting our hands out to support anyone else in our community and beyond that has also been affected.


— Supporting parents

Offering support to parents by talking and giving advise based on experience or by pointing parents in the right direction of another organisation that maybe able to offer support and services that best suit the parents needs.

— Supporting young people

Identifying and sharing organisations that help to engage young people and prevent them from becoming involved in criminal activity. To work towards providing tailor made services for young people in the community based on needs to create greater youth opportunities.


— Raising awareness & creating changes

Working alongside operation shutdown and other organisations to instigate changes to policies and influence the changes needed to improve youth services and other community support services that have experienced cut backs.


help us to support young people and families affected by youth violence !